Saturday, December 11, 2010, at 2:00pm, we will be hosting a Black Sash Test.  This may prove to be our largest Black Sash Test as there may be as many as nine candidates who will qualify for the test.  Please join us in celebrating with our new Black Sashes who have worked for many years to achieve this level of expertise.

The Black Sash candidates will be performing nine of their ten first degree Black Sash forms and a skit incorporating various offensive and defensive techniques.  Instructors and other advanced Black Sash students will also be performing.

We are expecting a large audience and have made arrangements for extra seating (generously loaned to the school through the efforts of one of our students and his church, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Lutherville, Maryland).Since we do not have to pay for chair rentals, we will be able to continue our tradition of using this event to collect food for the hungry in Maryland.

The price of admission is two canned or dried goods items (staples — meat, tuna, peanut butter, vegetables fruit, pasta, etc. please).  If more convenient, a $5 donation will also be accepted.   Food and money collected will be donated to the Maryland Food Bank.