This program is designed for mature teenagers, ages 16 or older, and adults who may feel less at ease in classes with children. These classes teach self-defense and the traditions of Chinese martial arts, specifically, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, but it also teaches confidence, respect, self-worth and much more. Adult classes are 15 minutes longer than the Regular Program Family Classes and have stretching and warming up at the beginning of each class.

As with the Family Kung Fu Program, students will learn traditional forms from Tien Shan Pai including defensive techniques such as joint locking and escapes. Single and two person empty hand forms and weapons forms from Tien Shan Pai are taught. When practiced regularly, these forms provide a complex set of movements and reactions that can become part of muscle memory which can be called upon, instinctively.

At the green belt/sash level, students will engage in light contact sparring wearing protective equipment. The idea behind light contact sparring is that if an opponent can get through the other person’s defenses with a light hit, it could just as easily have been a more powerful hit. The practice of facing a live opponent helps improve confidence in one’s reactions and abilities as well as increase the likelihood of a positive outcome should a person be called upon to defend oneself.

At the blue belt/sash level, the student will learn a short staff form. Though the need to be skillful with weapon is no longer a necessity, practice with a weapon improves hand – eye coordination and kinesthetic awareness. The weapon is an extension of the arm and similar blocking techniques are used.

Students progress at their own pace, depending on individual effort, regular class attendance and practice at home.  By the time the student progresses to the black sash level, other weapons such as  a broadsword and long staff form will also be learned.

There are early afternoon (lunchtime) as well as evening classes available.  As in our other programs, regular students select the number of classes per week for their membership and may attend any of the classes (at their skill level) on any of the days on the schedule. They are not restricted to the same day(s) each week.