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Kung Fu After School Pick Up Program

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd has been teaching children and families since 1992. Often we have received requests that we offer an after school pick up program.  After  much research and consideration, we have developed our After School Pick Up Program, designed to safely transport, provide Kung Fu training and provide a quiet place for your child(ren) to do homework, engage in quiet study, play, and/or crafts until a parent or guardian arrives to take the child(ren) home.

We have 25 years of experience working with children, both here at our school, as well as in providing physical education programs in both grade schools and high schools.  The methods used to teach Kung Fu also work to improve attention, discipline, memorization, self-confidence, balance, coordination, self-defense, and physical fitness.


Our After School Pickup Program works in coordination with our Kung Fu program.  Participants in the After School Pick Up Program will either take part in their regular weekly  Kung Fu lessons or take part in a shorter Kung Fu techniques activity appropriate to their age and experience level.  When not participating in the Kung Fu class or activity, participants will be working on homework, study, or when homework is completed, participants can participate in quiet play, reading, or crafts.

Our students can be picked up from the three closest schools:

Lutherville Laboratory

Ridgely Middle School

Timonium Elementary

Other schools in our pick up area include:

Cockeysville Middle School

Hampton Elementary

Pinewood Elementary

Pot Spring Elementary

St. Joseph’s Parish School.

Participants in our After School Pick Up Program must be at least 4 years old and must be or become members of our school attending either Kung Fu Kids classes or Family Kung Fu classes.

After School Pickup Schedule

After School Pick Up2:30PM - 3:55PM
Arrival and Snack4:00PM - 4:15PM
Homework, Study, followed by Quiet Play, Reading or Crafting as well as attendance in the student's regular Kung Fu class or Kung Fu techniques session
4:15PM - 6:00PM
Parent or Guardian Pick Up6:00PM

For more information please call 410-561-9882 or submit the following form.  (We do not sell or use your information for any advertising or other purpose.)

Name of academic school your child is attending
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