San Shou is a style of Chinese boxing, where opponents fight

from a standing position using a variety of techniques including punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, standing grappling, sweeps and throws, etc. that are designed to knock one's adversary to the ground. These techniques adhere to the rules of USKSF and TWKSF full contact competitions. This program is devoted solely to learning and practicing techniques for both competition fighting and self-defense.

The course instructor is Mr. Rahsaan Kimbrow, a former instructor here at US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. He has been training in various martial arts for over twenty years and teaching for over fifteen years. Mr. Kimbrow is an International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) San Shou World Champion, a United States Shuai Chiao (USSA) San Shou National Champion, and a World Kickboxing Association (WKA) Muay Thai Regional Champion. He has coached many fighters, including Mr. JD.

The classes are one (1) hour long, beginning with a short warm-up period, followed by a moderate to heavy workout. There are no forms (katas), no belts/sashes, and no tests.

Students must wear sparring gear -- gloves, shin guards, athletic cup for men, and a mouth guard. Mr Rahsaan requires specific brands and styles of gear so that all participants can be safe and equally equipped. The total cost of the gear is approximately $90.00. A t-shirt, shorts or Kung Fu pants, and bare feet are the dress requirements.

The minimum age for this class is sixteen (16) years old. Students under eighteen (18) years old will need a parent or guardian's consent and signature.