The student that competes in tournaments tends to practice more frequently and more intently.  Meeting and competing with competitors from other schools, other states and other countries serves to increase martial arts knowledge and skills for all.   Improving one's abilities through participation in tournament also enhances one's motivation, attitude and effort while training in martial arts classes.  This, in turn, also increases one's overall martial arts skills.  It is a wonderful cycle that produces a better martial artist and a better individual.


It is for this reason that US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd participates in various tournaments throughout the year.  We support the local annual Tien Shan Pai Legacy and the US International Kuo Shu Championship tournaments with spectators, competitors, and volunteers as well as host an in-house tournament just for our own students.


As part of our tournament program, we provide extra training to those individuals who  have committed to participating in one of the above mentioned tournaments.  This training involves reviewing each individual's specific form or sparring techniques to help improve the overall skill level and tournament performance.  Tournament training is available on a weekly basis at no extra cost to the student.