Self-Defense Classes for Women and MenWoman defending herself against an attacker

Beginning the week of September 12, 2016, US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd will be offering a 5 week self-defense course. Everyone 12 years old through adults, including seniors can learn how to defend themselves with simple, easy to learn, techniques. These techniques do not require great physical strength.

The primary goal of this course is to provide the participants (12 years of age and older) with a number of responses to common ways people are attacked or confronted. An effort will be made to expose the participants to what happens during an attack and some simple, effective ways they can respond. No prior martial arts experience is required!

The same techniques will be taught in either class of the same week so you can attend any of the classes each week and learn the same material. None of the techniques will only appear in a single class. We will introduce something in one class, then repeat and practice it in the next several classes so if you miss one class, it will be easy to catch up. Students may attend either the 6:15-7:45pm Tuesday or the 6:15-7:45pm Thursday class each week and are not limited to the same weekday for the five (5) week period.

The course will consist of five (5), 1 ½ hour classes over the course of five (5) weeks beginning Tuesday, September 13th and ending Thursday, October 13th.  The cost will be $100. All participants must be registered, sign a waiver, and payment must be received, prior to the start of the class. Participants should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes (sweat pants, T-shirts, athletic shoes, etc.) and be prepared for a moderate work out.

Register by Friday July 29th, via phone at 410-561-9882 or use the form below to email us.

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