US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. will be holding a tournament for our students only on Saturday, June 14th starting at 2:000pm.

This is the perfect chance both for students who have never competed before and for students who would like extra competition practice.  Students will be able to compete in forms and sparring and medals will be awarded to competitors based on their ranking.  Competitors will have a chance to talk to the judges after their events to find out how they can improve and what they need to work on.

In addition, we will be using this event as the first fund raiser to help our students defray the cost of competing in the International competition at the end of July.  All of the proceeds of this tournament will go into a fund that will be equally distributed among any students who need help for the July tournament.

The cost to compete is or tournament is $20 and spectators will be charged $1.  Registration sheets are available at the front desk.  Come out & improve your skills and help support your fellow students!

NOTE: We will need volunteers to help run this event.  Please talk to one of your instructors if you’d like to help.