Paul Jakubowski's Tien Shan Pai disciple logoTien Shan Pai, “Celestial or Heavenly Mountain Style”, is a style of Kung Fu which originated in the Tien Shan, a mountain region of northwestern China.  It is well known in Taiwan as an effective fighting style.  Its graceful empty-hand and weapons forms stresses rhythm and “ing shou”–the demonstration of power accentuated by solid thuds made by the hands.  Tien Shan Pai self-defense is characterized by attacks from the side coupled with multiple blocks, so that if one block fails, the second can cover.  Footwork is considered essential to countering attacks.  Tien Shan Pai focuses on low, steady steps to the side, along with swift “hidden” steps to trick the opponent.

The Tien Shan Pai motto is  “Virtue, Wisdom, Humility, Martial Arts.”

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