This program is designed for children 8 years old and up, as well as adults. Not only does it teach self-defense and the traditions of Chinese martial arts, specifically, Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu, but it also improves confidence, respect, self-worth, concentration, memory retention, and much more. Parents, siblings, etc. can study and have fun together! Students will learn traditional forms from Tien Shan Pai including defensive techniques such as joint locking and escapes. Single person empty hand forms, partner empty hand forms, and weapons forms are part of the system. These forms serve to create a repertoire of movements and reactions that can become part of muscle memory with sufficient practice. At the green belt/sash level, students will have gained enough control to engage in light contact sparring wearing protective equipment. (If one can make a slight contact with the opponent, one could just as easily have hit harder — the key being that the student got through the opposing student’s defenses.) At the blue belt/sash level, the student will learn a short staff form. By the time the student progresses to the black sash level, other weapons such as a broadsword and long staff form will also be learned. Students progress at their own pace, depending on individual effort, regular class attendance and practice at home. Once the introductory classes are completed, a student in one of our regular classes does not have to commit to classes on specific days. As the owners are also parents and students of the school, it is recognized that attending classes on the same days each week is not always possible. Our regular program students may attend which ever classes meets their schedule and skill level. For example, if the student has a two class per week membership, the student may attend those classes on any of the Monday - Saturday days. We typically schedule between four and eight instructors for our Family Kung Fu classes so that our student to teacher ratio allows for a significant amount of personal instruction. In most other schools, classes may have up two instructors per class, but often times, in those other schools, classes have only one instructor.