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US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd --- 9 West Aylesbury Road, Suite A --- Timonium, Maryland 21093 --- 410-561-9882 --- A Self-Defense Kung Fu School for Families and a Tai Chi School for Adults

Martial Arts Training Benefits

Martial arts training produces physical, mental, behavioral, social benefits which improve overall self-image.

Who Should Train in Martial Arts?

At what age should someone start training in martial arts? How old is too old?

Choosing a Martial Arts School

There are some things to look for in a style of martial arts and in a martial arts school.

How to start training in Martial Arts?

Most good schools offer trial lessons before signing up. Try our Kung Fu or Tai Chi classes.

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd  building 9 West Aylesbury Road, Suite A; Timonium, Maryland 21093; 410-561-9882


Welcome to U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Ltd., Baltimore County’s Premier Family Martial Arts school. Since 1992, we have specialized in teaching children, families, and adults Chinese Kung Fu and Tai Chi (like Karate from Japan, Kung Fu and Tai Chi are also martial arts). We teach defensive skills and personal safety but also try to help our students become the best persons they can be. Whether it’s developing improved concentration for better work or study habits, building confidence in one’s physical and mental ability, improving physical fitness, coordination, and balance, or developing a more positive outlook on life, studying martial arts provides an excellent means of achieving these goals.

Our school has one of the largest classrooms in the area for martial arts instruction with adjacent space for audience viewing and a playroom with a view into the classroom. We have another classroom for smaller classes, private instruction and practice. Also, we have several areas for quiet reading, studying, or viewing videos.

We are located just off York Road, 9 West Aylesbury Rd, Suite A (south of Timonium Road) in Timonium, Maryland, very near several schools, grocery chains, pharmacies, and shopping centers.

Please explore our website and if you have any questions, feel free to call us at (410)561-9882 or send an email to email address picture

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Self-Defense Seminar

Self-Defense Classes for teens and adults - image of woman defending herself against an attacker

Too busy for Kung Fu or Tai Chi training? Once a week for five (5) weeks come and learn simple, but effective self-defense techniques. Two classes are available each week. Students may attend either class as the same information will be taught in both classes. Registration ends Saturday, September 10th. Click Self-Defense Seminar for pricing, registration, and other details or call 410-561-9882.