Start Training with One of Our Martial Arts Introductory Programs

All of our students begin with our Introductory programs.  We have individualized enrollment start dates so a new student can begin at any time in the year rather than the seasonal start dates found in other activities.

For Our Kung Fu and Tai Chi Classes

Our Introductory program consists of four classes (held Monday – Friday), in which the first and second classes are private (just family members in the audience) in a separate classroom and the third and fourth classes are with the new student attending one of our regular week day programs. An instructor is assigned to the new student and follows that student into one of the regularly scheduled classes for the third and fourth lesson.

In this way, a new student can learn the basic kicks, punches, rules, etc. in a private setting (without a public audience) and then for the third and fourth lessons, can try out the actual class with a familiar face (the assigned instructor).

With younger beginner students, the Introductory Program has a two-fold purpose.  Yes, the student and the parents can see what the classes are like as their child participates in the classes.  And we can evaluate the student to see which program would best serve the student.  The youngest age for our students in our Kung Fu Kid program is four years old.  Sometimes a parent will request that we accept a younger child into the program.  With over twenty years working with young children, we have found that for safety reasons, a student should be at least four (4) years old.

Since an instructor is assigned to the Introductory Program student, we ask that ALL Four of the classes be scheduled in advance so that the instructor (and the private classroom, for the first two lessons) is available for that student.   We also try to limit the number of introductory students in each class so that we can devote the Introductory Student instructor to the scheduled new students.  If an Introductory Student shows up without a scheduled class time, the private classroom may already be  in use or that student’s instructor may already have a scheduled class appointment.  Saturday classes are generally the busiest and we are often also preparing for a Kung Fu Birthday party, so we do not schedule Introductory Program classes on Saturdays.

A martial arts uniform is provided as part of the Introductory Program for new students of the Kung Fu Kids and Tien Shan Pai Kung Fu classes. A US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. t-shirt is provided as part of the Introductory Program for new Tai Chi students.

Once a student has completed the four lesson Introductory Program and have joined the Kung Fu Kid or Family Kung Fu program, then the Saturday class time would also be available.  Students who have completed the four lesson Introductory Program and have joined the Kung Fu Kid, Family Kung Fu, Adult Kung Fu or Tai Chi programs are free to attend which ever class times are available for their level of training and no further scheduling is needed.

For Our San Shou Fight Training Classes

Our San Shou Fight Training classes are somewhat different from our other programs.  The Introductory San Shou Program is  one in-class lesson to try out the class.   After the student has attended the class, the student may elect to continue training and may join the San Shou Fight Training Program.

For more information on starting Kung Fu, Tai Chi, or

San Shou Fight Training Classes, please call

410 – 561-9882 or send an email to:US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd email information for our Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Adult and Teen Self-Defense classes and Children and Family Kung Fu classes. info at USMaltd dot com