Year-Round Martial Arts Programs

Martial Arts Introductory Program

For our Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes, we offer a short, four (4) class program for the new martial arts student to allow the student to try out one of our programs before becoming a regular student.

For our San Shou Fight Training Classes, we offer one, in-class lesson for the new San Shou student.

Kung Fu Kids Program

Designed for children from ages four (4) to seven (7) years and offers martial arts in a positive, play-oriented format that challenges the student while teaching defense skills, improving self-discipline, self-confidence, attention and motor skills.

Family Kung Fu Program

Classes in Chinese martial arts for children starting age eight (8) and their parents. Families can learn together and develop self-defense skills, increase flexibility, mental and physical fitness, confidence, self-respect, and attentiveness.

Adult Kung Fu Program

Chinese martial arts classes for teens (16+ years) and adults with all of the benefits of the Family Kung Fu classes and geared to a more mature student.

Black Sash Kung Fu Program

Advanced Kung Fu classes for students who have achieved their first degree black sashes in Tien Shan Pai. Students build on the skills achieved as they earned their first degree and incorporate the more advanced techniques in more complicated sets, including forms using different weapons and armed two-man weapons forms.

San Shou Fight Training Program

A style of Chinese boxing for students sixteen (16) years and older who are interested in learning and practicing self-defense techniques such as punching, kicking, knee and elbow strikes, standing grappling, sweeps and throws, etc., without learning forms (fighting moves memorized in choreographed patterns).  There are no belts and no tests.

Tai Chi Program

A low (no) impact, internal style of Chinese martial arts that helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, and other health benefits.

Special Martial Arts Programs

Tournament Program

Additional class time to help the students prepare their techniques and forms for competition as well as learn the protocols required to compete successfully. Any student may participate in the tournament program if the student has registered for an up-coming competition.

Eagle Team Program

Special Training for intermediate to advanced Kung Fu students with exceptional dedication and skills. Eagle Team students participate in Kung Fu demonstrations. This program is by invitation only.