Choosing a Martial Arts School

There are many schools that may teach one or more martial art styles.  Choosing a martial arts school and a martial arts style can feel a bit  overwhelming.

Deciding on a Martial Arts Style

Martial Arts is a generic term that covers the study of self-defense and combat methods.   In the US, the word Karate has become almost another term for any martial arts training.  However, Karate is a term for martial arts developed in Japan.  There are many hundreds of martial arts styles.  Often a country will develop one, several, or even many different styles of martial arts.  Each style has characteristics that emphasize particular actions or methods of movement.

Some people research various martial arts styles and then look for a school that teaches that style.  This is useful as the many styles were developed with different methods to make the best use of particular skills, equipment, terrain, etc.

Selecting a Martial Arts School

After deciding on a particular style, research the nearby schools, as location and distance is often a crucial factor in successful training.  Visit various schools and pick a school based on the teachers, credentials, facilities, schedule, and atmosphere or spirit of the school.

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd Tien Shan Pai & Yang Style Tai Chi

Our school teaches a traditional style of Kung Fu (a name for many Chinese external styles) and Tai Chi  (a general name for various Chinese internal styles with  little to no impact to the body).  These styles were developed long ago and were designed to allow anyone, even a smaller, younger/older, or weaker person, to successfully defend against a larger, stronger, younger adult by using the opponent's momentum against him or herself.  In our Kung Fu style, Tien Shan Pai, our practitioners would step to the side and defend from the side rather than attempt to block a full frontal attack.   This method does not rely on the defender having to over power the attacker.  Tien Shan Pai and the Yang style Tai Chi that we teach are traditional styles, designed and used for self-defense for hundreds (or more) years.  Both are easier on the body than many of the newer forms of martial arts developed more for sport or visual appeal.  Often, these newer styles sacrifice the practitioner's joint, bone, or muscle health to produce flashier, more acrobatic movements rather than produce practical self-defense.

In the About Us section  of our website,  one can read about our Grandmaster, our  founder, the  owners, the instructors, the styles and school affiliations. 

Our Kung Fu classes are taught six days a week (except in summer, where they are held five days a week) and our Tai Chi classes are taught three days a week.   Unlike the majority of other martial arts schools who have one or perhaps two instructors per class, most of our Kung Fu classes have at least four (and often more than four ) instructors scheduled to teach.  Another difference between our school and other martial arts schools, our students do not have to "lock in" to a particular class day.  Our students may attend whichever appropriate class(es) work with their schedule that week.  Our Kung Fu classes are offered six (6) days a week and for most days there are two Family Kung Fu classes available per day.

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. wishes our visitors good luck and success in any training and school selected.