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U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. has joined, an organization that sends texts or emails to individuals interested in receiving notification of closing or schedule changes from schools, sports clubs, and other organizations.

This free web-based service lets organizations send messages instantly for improved communication.  Registration is fast and easy.  Member information is not sold to third parties.  The service is free, but individual account standard text messaging fees apply.

Unfortunately, we cannot sign up individuals.

From your phone, please enter the special short code number 84483 then enter usmaltd.

To sign up from here, use Join U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. text alerts on RainedOut.

You will receive a verification code to send back to get alerts from U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Ltd.  or you can click on their sign up link.

USMALtd has reopened for classes – June 19th 2020!

Family Adult Kung Fu Class at US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd in Cockeysville, Maryland 21030,, 410-561-9882.
Family Adult Kung Fu Class at US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd in Cockeysville, Maryland 21030,, 410-561-9882.

USMALtd is Re-opening, but with Class Size and Other Restrictions for Our Martial Arts Programs

We are allowed to reopen for our Friday evening for the 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes on June 19th with REDUCED CLASS SIZE and other Covid-19 restrictions. STUDENTS MUST PRE-SCHEDULE THE IN-SCHOOL CLASSES to be admitted to class. Please see Shi Fu Paul’s 6/14 emails for further information. We can’t wait to see you!

There will be temporary changes to our classroom activities to reduce personal contact and reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Additional time between classes has been added to allow for cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and facilities. We are limiting class size, increasing the spacing between students, and assigning equipment to each student.

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd will suspend any class activity requiring physical contact with another student, such as Chin Nas, two-man forms and partner drills. Once the risk of spreading the virus has been mitigated, we will resume our normal classroom activities and techniques.

Students must pre-register for their classes to limit class sizes. To reduce the total numbers of people in the building, please limit the number of family members in the audience area, or if possible, please wait for your student in your car. Students should enter from the back door and leave from the front door.

Please see Shi-Fu Paul’s June 14th emails or contact the school for more information.

Self-Defense Mini Session at USMALtd starts Feb. 28th

Self-Defense Mini Session at USMALtd starts Feb. 28th

Are you a student starting high school or going off to college or an adult interested in simple self-defense techniques?

To be confident to protect oneself, the methods used for protection must be simple and practiced over a period of time so that the techniques can become second nature and instinctual.  Shi Fu Paul has developed a 6 class seminar to provide instruction and practice in self-defense.

Beginning February 28th , US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd will be offering a 6 week self-defense course.

Everyone 12 years old through adults, including seniors can learn how to defend themselves with simple, easy to learn, techniques. These techniques do not require great physical strength.

Self-Defense Course at US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd in Timonium, Maryland at US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd in Timonium, Maryland,, 410-561-9882. ©2016 Maricar Jakubowski All rights reserved. No usage allowed in any form without the written consent of the creator.

The primary goal of this course is to provide the participants (12 years of age and older) with a number of responses to common ways people are attacked or confronted. An effort will be made to expose the participants to what happens during an attack and some simple, effective ways they can respond. No prior martial arts experience is required!

The same techniques will be taught in either the Friday or Sunday class of the same week so you can attend either of the classes each week and learn the same material. None of the techniques will only appear in a single class.

The course will consist of six (6), 1 ½ hour classes over the course of six (6) weeks beginning Friday February 28th and ending Sunday, April 5th.

The cost will be $100. All participants must be registered, have signed a waiver, and have paid for the mini session, prior to the start of the class. Participants should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes (sweat pants, T-shirts, athletic shoes, etc.) and be prepared for a moderate work out.

Register by Monday, February 24th, via phone at 410-561-9882

or email us at

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd email information for our Adult Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Adult and Teen Self-Defense classes and Children and Family Kung Fu classes. info at USMaltd dot com

USMA will stop using for text messages

USMA will stop using for text messages

USMA will stop using for text messages. is phasing out its free texting service, beginning Nov. 1, 2019.  Current subscribers may have til Jan. 1, 2020 before a yearly fee is incurred.  US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. is investigating other free texting services.

       Meanwhile, we will make use of email, Facebook, and website announcements.