Happy Chinese New Year 2015! Yáng nián dàjí, which means Good Luck in the Year of the Goat! Chinese New Year Year Celebrations begin today.  The Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar with the first day of the month being the darkest night, a new moon.  Celebrations start on the first lunar month day and  continue until the first full moon of the new year (15 days of feasting).

Happy Chinese New Year from US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd! TImonium, Maryland.

The color red is used in festive clothing and decorations because red is the symbol of fire and fire can drive away bad luck.  On the fifteenth day of the celebration (the last day), the Lantern Festival is celebrated.  Lanterns are hung and the highlight of the celebration is the Dragon Dance.

US Martial Arts Academy, Ltd. wishes you a healthy, happy, prosperous new year!